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2013-2014 Assembly


AR 1- In Support of Preserving the Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) 

AR 6- Honoring Senator Ray Farabee’s Service to The University of Texas System and the State of Texas

AR 7- Honoring the Life and Service of Mrs. Mary Margaret Farabee: Exemplary Alumnus of The University of Texas at Austin

AR 9- In Support of the Continued Support of Equal Educational Opportunity

AR 12- In Support of the Creation of a Student District (fast track justification)

AR 13- In Support of Establishing Additional Services at Sanger Learning Center

AR 14- In Support of Relationship Violence Awareness Month (fast track)

AR 15- In Support of the Guadalupe-Lamar Sub Corridor as Phase I of Austin Urban Rail (fast track)

AR 16- In Support of Undocumented Students and Undocumented Longhorns Week

JR 1- In Support of President Powers’ Vision for The University of Texas at Austin

AR 17- In Support of The Wells Project

AR 18- In Support of Establishing an Official UT Homecoming Week

JR 2- A Vote of “No Confidence” in Regent Wallace Hall

AR 19- In Support of Implementing a Cultural Component for Summer Orientation Campus Safety Program

AR 23- In Support of an Android UTexas App.

AR 24- In Support of Digital Signage


AB 1 – The 2013-2014 Student Government Budget (attached budget)

AB 2- Amending The University of Texas at Austin Student Government Constitution 

AB 3- Limiting the Definition of First-year Representatives to Only Undergraduate Students

AB 4- Granting Presidential Enactment and Veto Power Over Bills

AB 5- Establishing University-wide Membership in Student Government

AB 6- Creation of At-large Graduate Student Representative Seats in the Assembly

AB 7- Clarifying the Extent to Which Individual Officers of Student Government May Represent Student Government and/or the Student Body

AB 8- Clarifying Confirmation Procedures of Justices to the Supreme Court

AB 9- Updating the Student Government Oath of Office

AB 10- Recognizing of External Controlling Authorities Upon Student Government Operations

AB 11- Establishment of the Student Government Code of Statutes and Abolition of the Internal Rules of Procedure of Student Government

AB 12- Establishing Protocols for Transparency and Management of Student Government Endowments

AB 13- Establishing Protocols for Amending the Student Government Election Code

AB 14- Establishing a Statistically Proportional Methodology for Apportioning College and School Representation in the Assembly 

AB 15- Clarifying Procedures and Approvals Necessary for Amending the Constitution of Student Government 

AB 16- Updating Organization and Powers of the Judicial Branch

AB 17- Appropriately Incorporating Articles of the Bylaws of Student Government into Other Governing Documents and the Abolition of the Bylaws of Student Government

AB 18- Expansion of Hook the Vote

AB 19- Creation of Association Director of Campus Outreach

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The University of Texas at Austin Student Government serves as the official student voice to the UT administration, the Board of Regents, and the Texas Legislature.

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