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2014-2015 Assembly


AR 1-In Support of Sexual Violence Prevention Month

AR 2- In Recognition of Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa’s Service to the University of Texas System

AR 3-In Support of an Extended Thanksgiving Break

AR 5- In Support of Increased Branding and Signage on the Campus

AR 6- In Support of Student Identification Cards from Institutes of Higher Education Meeting Voter Requirements in the State of Texas

AR 7 – In Support of the National Design Services Act

AR 8 – In Support of the State Loan Access and Student Protection Act

AR 11- In Support of Increasing Sequences of Courses

AR 13- In Support of Student Tailgating on Campus

AR 14- In Support of Extending Hours at Belo Center for New Media

AR 15 – In Support of Establishing the Hours of the Flawn Academic Center to be 24/7 throughout the Academic Long Session

AR 16- In Support of Transportation Network Companies in Austin

AR 17 – In Support of Proposition 1 for Urban Rail and Road Improvements

AR 18 – In Support of Increasing Amenities at the Student Activity Center

AR 19 – In Support of Preserving the Student Life Culture

AR 21 – In Support of Relationship Violence Prevention Month

AR 23 – In Support of the Core Values of UT Football Coach Charlie Strong

AR 24 – In Support of Divestment From Genocide Supporting Companies

AR 25 – In Support of an Adaptive Sports Program

AR 26 – Honoring President Powers

AR 27 – In Support of Public Health Week

AR 28 – In Support of Renewing the Green Fee at The University of Texas at Austin

AR 29 – SG Extracurricular Credits

AR 31 – In Support of Educational Reform to help end racism at UT

AR 32 – In Support of Increasing Election Day Voting Polls

AR 33 – In Support of Allowing the Student Regent to the University of Texas System Board of Regents to Have Voting Privileges

AR 34 – In Support of Creating a Tax Holiday for College Textbooks


AB 2 – The Code of Rules and Procedure

AB 3 – Amending The Election Code

AB 4- Referendum in Support of Continuing the Campus Green Fee

AB 5 – Ornaments

AB 6 – Endeavor

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The University of Texas at Austin Student Government serves as the official student voice to the UT administration, the Board of Regents, and the Texas Legislature.

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