Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is made up of an Assembly of elected representatives, an elected Speaker of the Assembly and appointed Clerk and Parliamentarian.


While 8 University-Wide Representatives are elected by the entire student body, the other 32 representatives are elected by the students of specific colleges. Every college has a proportionate number of representatives relative to its size. Every representative serves on one of the six standing committees that review projects and legislation. The Assembly meets once a week during the long semesters to vote on Bills and Resolutions.

Speaker of the Assembly

The Speaker is elected from within the Assembly and presides over meetings of the Assembly, assigns Assembly members to standing committees, and sets meeting times and agendas.

Clerk of the Assembly

The Clerk assists the Chair in setting the agenda for Assembly meeting, recording official meeting minutes, and handling necessary clerical duties for the Student Government Assembly.

Parliamentarian of the Assembly

The Parliamentarian advises the Chair of the Assembly, committee chairs, and members of the Assembly on matters of parliamentary procedure.