Supreme Court

The Supreme Court, composed of five Justices, enforces the rules of the University of Texas at Austin Student Government governing documents, mediates disputes between branches, serves as the Election Supervisory Board for First-Year Elections and serves as the appellate court for the Election Supervisory Board during Spring Elections.

Any student, faculty member, or staff member may ask the Supreme Court to review Student Government actions by filing a petition or via e-mail request.

The Court


  • Chief Justice Jordan Durrani
  • Justice Blake Richard
  • Justice Sean Moore
  • Justice Katherine Stadler
  • Justice Kris Bindeman


Court Staff

Appointments within the Judicial Branch are made by the Supreme Court. Appointees to the position of Justice and Administrative Clerk must be confirmed by the Assembly. All other positions only require a majority vote of the Judicial Court to be confirmed.

Supreme Court Clerk: Adam Birenbaum

To contact the Supreme Court, please email