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Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of an elected President and Vice President, and appointed Chief of Staff, Communications Director, Internal Financial Director, External Financial Director and Administrative Director.

Student Body President

Xavier “Rohit Mandalapu” Rotnofsky

Responsibilities: Represents students to the administration, Board of Regents, and the Texas Legislature, initiates and sustains many student-driven projects, and serves on various campus-wide committees.

Majors: Plan II Honors, Linguistics

Why I’m here:  To get to Speedway and 21st.

Where I want to go: Speedway and 21st

Favorite Dinosaur: Littlefoot

Spirit Animal: Bill Clinton

Fun Fact:  The report about what really went down in Benghazi is buried in the source code of this site.

Social Media:
Twitter: @RotMan2015
Facebook: Rotnofsky-Mandalapu 2015
Instagram: @xrotnofsky
Snapchat: xmr5

Student Body Vice President

Rohit Mandalapu

Responsibilities: Chairs the Student Services Budget Committee, initiates and sustains many student-driven projects

Majors: Plan II Honors and Economics

Why I’m here: to learn how to dance

Where I want to go: LAE J095950.99+021219.1

Favorite Dinosaur: dinosaurs are a conspiracy

Spirit Animal: dinosaur

Fun Fact: i live about 7.5 billion kilometers from pluto

Social Media:
Twitter: @therohitman
Xanga: mandabowlingball
Orkut: SílvioMachado67
Myspace: loverboi75

Chief of Staff

Taral Patel

Responsibilities: Monitors all operations of the Executive Branch as defined by the Student Body President, oversees and assists internal staff, specifically Policy and Agency Directors.

Majors: Biology & Government

Why I’m here: Natural Selection

Favorite Dinosaur: Charmander

Spirit Animal: Hanuman Langurs

Where I want to go: Mars

Fun Fact: The word palindrome is not a palindrome, disappointingly enough.

Social Media:
Twitter: @TaralVPatel


Communications Director

Thomas Raymond Mylott IV

Responsibilities: Oversees the Communications Executive Staff, public and media relations, and all outreach initiatives for Student Government

Majors: Plan II, American Studies

Why I’m here: My ancestors

Favorite Dinosaur: Deinonychus

Spirit Animal: Gray Squirrel

Where I want to go: I want to design and/or write video games.

Fun Fact: I haven’t cut my hair in six years, and basically haven’t shaved in nearly four.

Social Media:
Facebook: You have my full name you know what else to do
LinkedIn: ha

I oversee this Twitter: @UT_SG
I oversee this Facebook page.

Internal Financial Director

Nicole Chu

Responsibilities: Oversees appropriations and internal budget

Majors: Business Honors, Plan II Honors, Management Information Systems

Why I’m here: I want to expand my impact beyond my individual colleges and give back to the university as a whole. I also believe in this administration’s mission to increase SG’s relevance and impact on campus, and I want to do my part to further that goal.

Favorite Dinosaur: Troodon

Spirit Animal: Hedgehog

Where I want to go: When I leave the Forty Acres, I hope to pursue a career in management consulting. In the longer term, I want to get more involved with the movement to end sexual and domestic violence, and I will probably transition into the nonprofit space.

Fun Fact: I am a Chinese-Peruvian American born in Canada–so se habla español, eh?

Social Media:

External Financial Director

Conner Patrick

Responsibilities: Oversees Student Government fundraising.                          

Majors: Bio-medical Engineering, Plan II

Why I’m here: I was told there would be cake.

Favorite Dinosaur: Futalognkosaurus

Spirit Animal: Crow

Where I want to go: Croatia

Fun Fact: I’ve almost died 6 times.

Social Media:
Instagram: conner_patrick
Twitter: @thecp93

Administrative Director

Amber Brianna Magee

Responsibilities: Serve as the liaison between the Executive Board and the Assembly, while overseeing all External Appointments, and coordinating the Executive Board’s legislative operations.  Assures that Student Government is updated on relevant external functions

Majors: Public Health and Health and Society

Why I’m here: I’ve been in SG since I stepped on campus, and I really enjoy the opportunities it provides. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with student leaders from all different paths through programming and advocacy for student issues! SG can be a really cool place, and this year’s going to be stellar!

Favorite Dinosaur: Stegosaurus

Spirit Animal: Hummingbird

Where I want to go: I want to attend a dual MPH/JD program after graduation. I’d also like to travel to Sweden and Australia in the future, but I’m currently wanting to hit up the nearest snow cone place.

Fun Fact: I played 14 years of competitive fastpitch softball, and I still love the sport!

Social Media:
Instagram: AlmostAmberNicole
Twitter: @NewReginaGeorge


The University of Texas at Austin Student Government serves as the official student voice to the UT administration, the Board of Regents, and the Texas Legislature.

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