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Executive Board

The Executive Board is comprised of an elected President and Vice President, and appointed Chief of Staff, Communications Director, Internal Financial Director, External Financial Director and Administrative Director.

Student Body President

Kornel Rady

Responsibilities: Represents students to the administration, Board of Regents, and the Texas Legislature, initiates and sustains many student-driven projects, and serves on various campus-wide committees

Major: Government, Corporate Communication, Polymathic Scholars

Why You Wanted to Be Involved In Student Government:  To give back to the University that has given me everything

Favorite Movie: Gravity

Favorite Austin Eatery: Whole Foods Market

Dream Job: General Manager of the Houston Rockets

Fun Fact: I have the best roommate ever.  Bless you Jimmy.  

Student Body Vice President

Taylor Strickland

Responsibilities: Chairs the Student Services Budget Committee, initiates and sustains many student-driven projects

Major: Corporate Communication and Public Relations

Why You Wanted to Be Involved in Student Government: I really want to be able to contribute to the campus on a larger scale and come into contact with a variety of students that would give me the best experience on the Forty Acres possible

Favorite Movie: Bring it On

Favorite Austin Eatery: Gordough’s

Dream Job: Working for an international public relations agency that specializes in crisis management

Fun Fact: I love Macaroni and Cheese

Chief of Staff

Christopher Jordan

Responsibilities: Monitors all operations of the Executive Branch as defined by the Student Body President, oversees and assists internal staff, specifically Policy and Agency Directors

Major: Quantitative Finance, English, and Philosophy

Why You Wanted to Be Involved in Student Government: I was really drawn to the advocacy side of Student Government.  Being the Chief of Staff is a fantastic opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the student services our university offers

Favorite Movie: Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V

Favorite Austin Eatery: Matt’s El Rancho

Dream Job: National Geographic photographer

Fun Fact: During my freshman year, I had the opportunity to travel in Ghana and can speak a little bit of Fante!

Communications Director

Nathan Waters

Responsibilities: Oversees the Communications Executive Staff, public and media relations, and all outreach initiatives for Student Government

Major: Radio-Television-Film and Computer Science

Why You Wanted to Be Involved in Student Government: Best opportunity for me to give back to my university.

Favorite Movie: Up

Favorite Austin Eatery: Halcyon

Dream Job: Animated Film Director

Fun Fact: Love performing stand-up

Internal Financial Director

Rachel Miller

Responsibilities: Oversees appropriations and internal budget

Major: Economics 

Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids

Why she wanted to be involved in Student Government: “To leave my personal stamp on The Forty Acres”

Favorite Austin Eatery: Hopdoddys       

Dream Job: Director of CIA

Fun Fact: I lived in Khobar, Saudi Arabia

External Financial Director

Kyle Mason

Responsibilities: Oversees Student Government fundraising                                 

Major: Corporate Communications

Why You Wanted to Be Involved In Student

Government: To leave a legacy within student government that betters the University for years to come

Favorite Movie: Cool Runnings

Favorite Austin Eatery: P. Terry’s

Dream Job: Talent Agent

Fun Fact: I was born in Panama City, Panama and maintain dual citizenship with Panama and the United States

Administrative Director

Nosa Aimuyo

Responsibilities: Serve as the liaison between the Executive Board and the Assembly, while overseeing all External Appointments, and coordinating the Executive Board’s legislative operations.  Assures that Student Government is updated on relevant external functions

Major: Government

Why You Wanted to Be Involved In Student Government:  What really draws me to Student Government is its potential to shape this university for the good of Longhorns both now and in the future. If Student Government actively works to represent students to the best of its ability, it can potentially build a university which is perfect for students in every aspect.

Favorite Movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Favorite Austin Eatery: Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Dream Job: Chief Legal Officer of Google

Fun Fact: I descend from a long line of Nigerian warlords (on my dad’s side).


The University of Texas at Austin Student Government serves as the official student voice to the UT administration, the Board of Regents, and the Texas Legislature.

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