External Appointments

Bicycle Committee

The Bicycle Committee is a subcommittee of the Parking and Traffic Policies Committee to address bicycle issues on campus. The composition of the Bicycle Committee will be determined by the Chair of the Parking and Traffic Policies Committee and the Director of PTS.

Appointees: Micah Stalarow

Faculty Council

Faculty Council is the Faculty governing body at The University of Texas at Austin. The Council has authority overall matters of educational policy, regulations dealing with student activities, and requirements for admission, honors, or degrees. Serves as a student representative to this governing body.

Appointee: David Nielsen

Spirit and Traditions Council

Student Government has a voting seat on the Spirit and Traditions Council, an umbrella organization that fosters ties between different service and spirit organizations at The University of Texas.

Appointee: Rebecca Spencer

Pease Park Conservancy Board of Directors

Student attends monthly meetings about development and plans for Pease Park. Appointee is responsible for organizing, attending, and publicizing park clean-ups.

Appointee:  Gavin Greenberg[/wpcol_1half_end]

Diversity and Equity Student Advisory Committee

Student Government has a seat on the board that meets regularly with UT’s Vice-President for Diversity and Community Engagement to discuss campus climate and other issues impacting students.

Appointee: Maria Kroeger

Legal Services for Students Advisory Committee

Appointee serves as a student advisor to the committee.

Appointee: Stewart Schweinfurth

Quality of Life for College Students Committee

Meets with Austin City Council on the first Friday or every month to advocate for higher education’s legislative agenda. Must be available on the first Friday of each month from 2-5pm. Meetings take place at Austin City Hall.

Appointee: Samantha Martinez

Central Austin Neighborhood Planning Advisory Committee

Appointees are in charge of representing student interests to the various neighborhood associations in Austin. Students must be available Mondays from 5-7pm.

Appointees: Aaron Liu, Chandler Forsythe  

Counseling and Mental Health Center Advisory Board

Student Government has a seat on the board that offers ideas and advice to the Counseling and Mental Health Center on how to best serve the student body.

Appointee: Joseph Trahan

Men’s Athletic Council

Appointee serves as a liaison between students and the UT Athletics Department. This is a two year appointment; the appointee will serve the first year as a member-elect and the second year as a member of the council.

Appointee: Hudson Standish

Women’s Athletic Council

Appointee serves as a liaison between students and the UT Athletics Department. This is a two year appointment; the appointee will serve the first year as a member-elect and the second year as a member of the council.

Appointee: Avery Westerlund 

Faculty Council Recreational Sports

To determine policy for the conduct of the intramural programs; to approve and authorize publication of all rules and regulations governing intramural sports; to hear appeals of decisions of the Intramural Sports Council; and to promulgate regulations designating the faculty and staff members and other persons who are entitled to participate in the faculty and staff competitive and recreational programs.

Appointees: Eli Sterbcow, Sarah Miller

Faculty Council Recruitment & Retention

To address the matter of recruitment and retention of minority students and to advise the Faculty Council and the president on constructive solutions to alleviate the problems of recruitment and retention.

Appointees: Frank Male, Scott Urbis, Harrison West

Faculty Council Student Life & Activities

To look at issues concerning student life and activities from an academic perspective; to gauge whether student activities are beneficial to students’ education; to review and report to the Faculty Council annually about the status of intercollegiate athletics programs.

Appointee: Tyler Bohlen

International Education Fee Scholarship

Established to administer the allocations for the Study Abroad Fee. Committee is composed of 8 faculty members, 2 staff, and 4 students (2 from SG and 2 from Senate of College Councils).

Appointees: Alexander Tayoub, Chris Moore

President’s Student Advisory Committee

Meets with and acts as an advisory group to President of The University of Texas, Greg Fenves. Meets approximately one-hour per month. Additional time commitment beyond monthly meeting is necessary.

Appointees: Grace Gilker, Claudia Zapata

Texas Exes Student Leadership Council

Student Government has a voting seat on the Texas Exes Student Leadership Council, an umbrella organization which fosters ties between different service and spirit organizations at The University of Texas.

Appointee: Kyle Mason

Student Services Budget Committee

Must be familiar with the fee process and have a working knowledge of the different agencies that request fee money. Substantial time commitment during the late summer and fall semester. Serves as one of five student representatives to this governing body. Works with the chair of the Budget Committee throughout the summer and fall in analyzing the budgets submitted by the Budget Committee entities.

Appointees: Eric Saldanha, Wills Brown

Staff Council

Serves as a non-voting student representative to Staff Council (UTSC) and a liaison to the UTSC Executive Committee. UTSC promotes a positive, collaborative work environment via assessment, prioritization and communication of staff needs.  The student representative serves as the voice of students for staff-related issues, particularly from the perspective of student employees.  The representative must attend monthly meetings, with the opportunity to join committees.

Appointee:Pranav Jayaraman

Student Endowed Centennial Lectureship

The purpose of the SECL is to host a speaker who would lecture to the University community, teach a class in their respective field, and have dinner with students. Centennial Fellows selected by the SECL have represented a broad range of fields and interests.

Appointee: Rachel Vopni, Ruckika Bengani


Student Health Center Advisory Committee

Presents student health concerns to UHS administrators. Participates in UHS quality assessment and improvement activities. Interviews applications for physician and administrative positions. Helps the UHS staff keep the campus community informed about health services and special outreach programs. Must be able to meet Thursdays 5-6 and must commit 1-3 hours a week. Must be able to attend mandatory full day orientation session before classes begin in fall semester.

Appointee: Amir Ali, Tammy Pham

Texas Student Media Board of Operating Trustees

Make decisions concerning the budgets, operation, and future of the University’s student run publications and media outlets. Requirement: attend all TSM meetings

Appointee: Julia Cho


University Union Board of Directors

Reviews the Texas Union’s progress in fulfilling its mission, the implementation of multiculturalism into all aspects of the Texas Union, major staff appointments, building use and expansion, program directions and the Texas Union Budget. Time commitment is approximately 8-10 hours per week.

Appointee: Diana Padilla

University Area Partners

Sits on the Board of Directors for the University Area Partnership, which is a partnership between the City of Austin, The University of Texas and University-area businesses. This position would entail making decisions on crime prevention, neighborhood planning and new business opportunities. Requires 2 meetings a month.

Appointee: Dhara Patel


Student Organization Safety Board/Campus Safety

Works on issues regarding safety and wellness on campus and in student residential areas. Promotes all aspects of safety and wellness including but not limited to physical, emotional and sexual safety. Promotes safety through educational campaigns and awareness initiatives such as Campus Safety Week Plans and organizes Campus Safety Week. Seeks opportunities to increase campus safety & maintain good relationships with relevant offices like UTPD and the CMHC.

Appointee: Jason Dorgant

UTPD Oversight Committee

The purpose of the committee is to review UTPD procedures and handle complaints. The University President will then look at six students nominated and choose three students to serve on the committee for one year.

Appointees: Antoinette Dao, Bennett Campbell, David Nielsen