Hook the Vote

Engages UT students in the democratic process through three tenets: voter registration, education, and mobilization.

Director: Bailey Schumm

Major:  Public Health

Favorite Animal: Polar Bear

Other Organizations I’m involved in:

Texas Undergraduate Law Review, Texas Public Health                             

City Relations

Fosters communication between UT students and city and campus groups, including city government, neighborhood organizations, the local transit authority, and UT Parking and Transportation Services.

Co-Director: Aaron Arnett

Major:  Business Honors Program, Middle Eastern Studies

Favorite Animal: Polar Bear

Co-Director:  David Bemporad

Majors: Economics and Government Honors

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Fun Fact: I enjoy yard work a little too much, mowing the lawn is my favorite part of the week.

Federal Relations

Works to facilitate dialogue regarding student issues and education between University students and the federal government at the national level.

Co-Director: Ryan Pakebusch

Major:  Government; Political Communication

Favorite Animal: French Bulldog

Other Organizations I’m involved in: Texas Blazers, Clements Center for National Security Undergraduate Fellows, Texas Global Business Brigades, Shakespeare Outreach

Co-Director: Chelsea Blumenthal

Major:  Governmentl; History

Favorite Animal: Pug

Other Organizations I’m involved in: Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority, Not On My Campus, Caring Camo, Order of Omega Honor Society, Liberal Arts Honors, Texas Phanos, White Rose Society

State Relations

Empowers students to advocate for UT on the state level by identifying and raising awareness for state issues and working directly with state officials on behalf of the University.

Co-Director: Jacob Przada

Major:  Government; International Relations and Global Studies

Favorite Animal: Australian Shepherd

Other Organizations I’m involved in:College Republicans, AIPAC, Texans for Israel, Texas Sammy

Co-Director: Charlie Henry

Major:  Aerospace Engineering

Favorite Animal: Beaver

Other Organizations I’m involved in: University Democrats

Queer Students Alliance

Brings the GLBTQ community together by hosting events such as the Queer Students Welcome Carnival. We invite you to check out more at

Co-Director: Josh Rudd

Major:  Linguistics

Favorite Animal: Otter

Co-Director: James Che

Disabilities and Inclusion Agency

Represents UT students with disabilities in order to raise awareness on issues and working directly with the office of Services for Students with Disabilities to provide better assistance for these students at UT.

Director: Alejandrina Guzman

Women’s Resource Agency

Serves as a coalition-building organization for women on campus by facilitating the relationship and contact between women’s organizations and resources available at the GSC and within SG.

Director: Rebecca Sostek

Majors: Psychology, Rhetoric & Writing, Biology

Favorite Animal: Slow Loris, sloth, manattee, orca, everything!

Other Organizations I’m involved in: Office of Admissions, ORANGE Magazine

Diversity and Inclusion Agency

Encourages underrepresented students to apply to and attend UT Austin while aiding in their retention.

Director: Karla Chavez

Major: International Relations & Global Studies

Favorite Animal: Owl with a little bit of Fox

Other Organizations I’m involved in: Texan THON, Texas Women of Excellence, Longhorn Pets Alive

Non-Traditional Students Agency

Aims to connect nontraditional students, such as student athletes, veterans and parents, with campus resources.

Director: Krish Mittal

Out of State Agency

Works with the UT administration to bridge the gap between out-of-state students and the opportunities awaiting them on campus.

Director: Alexis Darrow

Transfer Students Agency

Works with the UT administration to bridge the gap between transfer-students and the opportunities awaiting them on campus.

Director: Claudia Zapata

Longhorn Legislative Aides

Presents the opportunity for 21 freshmen to provide feedback and help author resolutions to issues across campus, working closely with the Student Government Executive Board, Assembly, and other agencies. For more information, click here.

Co-Director: Megan Hahn

Major: Corporate Communications

Favorite Animal: Any kind of cat

Fun Fact: I have a cat that wears bow ties.

Other Organizations I’m involved in: Texas Lonestars

Co-Director: Garrett Mireles

Major: Advertising

Favorite Animal: Longhorn

Fun Fact: I was born in Japan!

Other Organizations I’m involved in:

Camp Texas, Office of Admissions

Freshmen Leadership Organization

Provides first year students the opportunity to meet other freshman and develop their leadership capabilities. For more information, click here.

Director: Lydia Chen

Major: Psychology and Philosophy

Favorite Animal: Otter

Other Organizations I’m involved in: Beauties and the Beat A Cappella and Camp Texas

Longhorn Run

Benefits the UT Excellence Fund and is a campus and community wide-event held each Spring. For more information, click here.

Director: Bridget McLaughlin

Majors: Advertising

Favorite Animal: Red Panda

Other Organizations I’m involved in: Freshman Leadership Organization, Out of State Student Association-Longhorn Chapter, UT SHARE, Party on the Plaza Committee

Campus Safety

Aims to keep Longhorns physically, mentally, and emotionally safe by holding events such as Safety Week designed to equip students with knowledge of safe behaviors.

Director: Sunny Sandhu

Majors: Biology

Favorite Animal: Longhorn, because I bleed burnt orange

Other Organizations I’m involved in: Health Careers Mentorship Program, University Health Services Clinic Volunteer Program, Camp Texas, It’s Time Texas

S.U.R.E. Walk

Students United for Rape Elimination, or S.U.R.E. Walk, is a program dedicated to getting students home safely from campus. For more information,  click here

Director: Harikrishan Sachdev

Longhorn EMS

Promotes and ensures the health and safety of the Longhorn community, and is comprised of students who have completed rigorous training and are dedicated to helping keep the UT campus community safe.

Director: Gavin Sussman

Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency

Connects, informs and supports student entrepreneurs on the the 40 Acres, as well as encourages a university-wide environment that celebrates student entrepreneurs and their work. For more information, click here.

Director: Cage Johnson

Majors: Science & Technology MGMT and Electrical + Computer Engineering

Favorite Animal: Tree Frog

Other Organizations I’m involved in: EE$ a multicultural electoral engineering fraternity, McCombs Leadership Program