Executive Branch

All University of Texas students are members of Student Government. Members are encouraged to attend weekly Student Government meetings,  agency meetings, and participate in forums, events, and social activities. Members do not need to hold a title to participate in activities nor to work on important campus issues. Those members that do hold a title in the Executive Branch are categorized as follows:

Executive Board

The executive power of Student Government is vested in the Executive Board, including the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Chief of Staff, Communications Director, Internal Financial Director, External Financial Director, and Administrative Director. The President and Vice President are elected as a ticket in Campus-Wide elections, and the other five members are appointed by the President and approved by the Assembly.  The Executive Board sees to the day to day operations of Student Government, supports the other branches of Student Government, and sets many of the policy and programming goals for SG.

Executive Staff

Executive Staff members serve as advisors to the Executive Board on matters related to their positions and are tasked with working on large sections of the current portfolios of Executive Board officers.

Cabinet of Policy Directors

The Policy Director portfolio includes Civil Engagement, Advocacy, Leadership & Service and Health & Wellness. Each Director monitors the progress of and manages the operations of the agencies which fall under their respective portfolio. Policy Directors report to the Chief of Staff of Student Government and serve as advisors to the President on matters relating to their positions.

Agency Directors

Student Government houses 17 agencies which are dedicated to bettering the student experience at The University of Texas. Agency Directors serve as the operating officers of their agency and advisors to the President on matters relating to their positions.

External Appointments

Each term, the President appoints student to various external boards and committees to represent students and ensure that the student voice is heard.   These students are tasked with relaying relevant information back to Student Government and seeking feedback from the student body.