Our Structure

Student Government has three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. All the members of Student Government work together to represent students and to improve student life.

The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is made up of an elected President and Vice President, and an  appointed Executive Board, Executive Staff , Cabinet of Policy Directors and Agencies. These members are appointed by the President and approved by the Assembly.

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is made up of the Assembly of elected representatives. There are 8 University-Wide Representatives that are elected by the entire student body. The other 32 representatives are elected by the students of specific colleges. Every college has a specific number of representatives relative to its size.

The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Court, composed of 5 justices appointed by the Student Government President and approved by the Assembly would enforce the rules of the governing documents, mediate disputes between branches, and serve as the appellate court for the Election Supervisory Board.